About Spondylolithesis

Spondylolithesis occurs when a vertebra slides forward or backwards in relation to an adjacent vertebra, most commonly in the lumbar spine. This is often the result of a stress fracture weakening the bone so much that it is unable to maintain its proper position. Depending on the percentage grade of the slip the displaced vertebra begins to press on nerves causing acute pain.


Symptoms of Spondylolithesis include difficulty walking due to pain, weakness or sensation changes in the lower back, legs secondary to the impingement of the spinal cord and/or nerves.


Initial nonsurgical treatments require the patient to refrain from physical activities until symptoms go away. Anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy may assist in reducing pain and a faster return to normal activities. If back pain does not gradually improve or if slippage progressively gets worse surgical treatments will be required. Our spine specialists will utilize minimally invasive surgery techniques to promote a Spinal Fusion or to insert an internal brace.

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