Pars Fracture

About Pars Fracture

Pars Fracture often occurs in people who are very active athletes – playing tennis, diving, performing martial arts or other types of sports that put stress on the spine. This type of fracture causes vertebral instability as a crack occurs in an area of the vertebra called the pars interarticularis. The pars interarticularis is located between (inter) the inferior and superior articular processes of the facet joint.


A pars fracture will often cause pain on primarily on one side of the back. The pain is mild at first but with continued physical activities it will worsen over time. Pain can often be exaggerated when external pressure is placed on the area of the back where the pars fracture is located.


A Pars Fracture can usually be treated with reduced activity, back bracing, rest and/or physical therapy which allows time for the bone to heal on its own. When a pars fracture appears on both sides of the vertebra this can prompt the misalignment of the vertebra, Spondylothesis, in which case pars fracture surgery will be the best treatment. Our spinal specialists may suggest performing a Spinal Fusion that alleviates the pain and helps to stabilize and restore spinal column integrity.

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