Developmental Stenosis

About Developmental Stenosis

Developmental Stenosis occurs as people age and the ligaments of the spine thicken and harden, discs bulge, bones and joints enlarge, and bone spurs (called osteophytes) form. These conditions may cause pressure on the spinal cord via narrowing of the spinal canal, central stenosis, or narrowing of the foramen through which the nerve roots exit the spinal canal, foraminal stenosis.


The signs of spinal stenosis include pain, numbness, weakness or cramping in the arms or legs, as well as pains in the neck or back. Most often a patient with developmental stenosis will experience leg pains that worsen with walking. These pains may subdue with sitting or bending over as pressure is taken off the spine.


If you experience these symptoms our spine specialists will examine your condition and suggest a treatment plan. Non-surgical treatments may include physical therapy and/or medication to reduce swelling. If pain persists past initial non-surgical treatment, pressure on the spinal cord can be lessened by Laminectomy (lamina removal) or Discectomy, in which material is removed from a disc.

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