Ankle Instability & Reconstruction

About Ankle Instability & Reconstruction

Ligaments surround the ankle joint and are responsible for the stability of the ankle. The lateral ligaments are most often injured during athletic activities or with recurrent sprains. If these ligaments are torn completely or heal in an attenuated position, then the ankle becomes unstable. Symptoms of instability include pain on the outside portion of the ankle, recurrent sprains, pain while walking on uneven ground, and swelling and weakness of the ankle.  



Ankle Sprain
Treatment is initially aimed at strengthening the muscles around the ankle joint. If instability remains, then ankle arthroscopy and ligament reconstruction is an excellent option to regain strength and function. Ankle arthroscopy affords the surgeon the ability to evaluate the inside portion of the ankle with minimal trauma to the surrounding soft tissues and ligament. If loose fragments or thickened scar tissue are identified, they can be treated at the same time using small arthroscopic instrumentation.


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